IMO Ballast Water Convention May Not Need More Ratifications to Go Into Effect
Monday, March 21, 2016 at 01:51PM
Harlan M. Doliner in Ballast Water, Ballast Water Management, IMO Standards

To become binding on the world’s merchant fleet, the IMO standards for ballast water management must be ratified by countries that constitute 35% of the world’s shipping tonnage. This has been on the verge of occurring for some time. When last updated by the IMO, the percentage was over 34%. IMO usually updates the tonnage percentage yearly, but has switched to updating its flag state fleets database monthly. An article in Ballast Water Treatment Technology posits that as a result, it is possible that normal daily variations in flag state tonnages could mean that the 35 per cent threshold has been transcended. See,,ballast-water-convention-may-not-need-more-ratifications_42188.htm.

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