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An Interview with Ben Ford: Increased North Atlantic Trade and Maine 

In a new episode of Verrill Voices, Ben Ford discusses significant developments in the Arctic and the overall impacts that increased North Atlantic trade will have on Maine. Ben explains that the newly opened Northwest Passage will allow ships to navigate to the region more easily, translating into increased economic activity, including resource extraction and activity between ports. Specifically, he describes that from a cost-based geographic perspective, Maine is now as close to Tromsø, Norway, which is located 300 miles north of the Arctic Circle, as it is to Baltimore, Maryland. Companies like Eimskip that have invested in Maine are making shipping to the Arctic more appealing and potentially impactful.

In addition to the benefits that result from more direct and cost-effective shipping routes, Ben discusses the positive impact on Maine’s aquaculture industry, including advantages the state has in raising certain types of bivalves and kelp.

Listen to the full podcast episode to learn more.  

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