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First Chinese Ship Crosses Arctic Ocean Amid Record Melt

Economic opportunities changes presented by a warming planet are very real.  This message is not lost on the Chinese government which, in its continued attempt to establish a presence in the arctic, had China’s first ice breaker transit the Northeast Passage to Iceland.


The Polar Land Grab Continues

The ice caps are shrinking.  Commercial and governmental interests are scrambling to position themselves for a time when the arctic ocean in navigable in something other than a nuclear submarine.  Russia has painted a flag on the seafloor below the North Pole.  China is building its own fleet of ice breakers. Now two more stories about countries getting ready for a struggle over an untapped resource.

First, NOAA is updating it hydro-graphic survey of Alaskan waters, some of which were last charted by Captain Cook:

Next, the Icebreaker Oden embarks on a voyage to gather hydro-graphic and seismic data in support of their claim to the seabed north of Greenland: